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HDK 6 Six Person Cart with all seat facing forward




Clean, safe, quiet and comfortable people transporters. These vehicles are perfect for a wide range of activities. Whether its transporting your guests in Aged care facilities, Hotel and Resorts, Shopping Centres, Tourism or Sales activities you find these vehicles to be extremely cost effective, low maintainance, safe and easy to drive. We can program these carts to meet your specific requirements. Complete with warranties, support and great service. Experience for yourself why HDK continues to grow it's american market, year on year. It is a great product at a great price. Click on the brochure to see the carts specifications.

These carts come with standard features that are expensive upgrades on other models. These include;
On board Charger, just plug it in to a normal wall socket after the days work.
Excellent for places by the sea, full light systems, head, tail, brake and indicators. Plus horn and side mirrors, 2 year warranty on all parts, 5 year Manufacturers warranty on the Lithium battery 

New Zealand assembled and Tested

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