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Fairplay Hoss 4 seater passenger cart




Near new - Electric Vehicle – People Transporters - HOSS Extra Duty Utility Vehicle This cart is in near new condition. We will provide a warranty cover. With NEW BATTERIES. The Previous business owner imported these American made carts with a view to hiring them out. But this never eventuated. The cart was only hired out on a couple of occasions. I do not want to pursue this opportunity either, so I am offering them sale at this great price. This cart would be great for tourism, adventure, people transporting in shopping complexes and aged care facilities. The electric vehicles are quiet, low maintenance and running costs. This vehicle comes with an on board charger, premium lighting package (horn, head & tail lights, brake lights, turn signals, side marker lights), rear flip flop seat, side mirrors and programmable controller. Compare our prices to our competitors. Then see us to ensure you get the best deal. Service, quality and price.

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