HDK Utility Vehicles & Flatbeds

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Cargo 2 Electric Utility Cart with Gel Batteries
A great low cost, low maintenance, quiet electric vehicle that is prefect for Aged Care facilities, Camping Grounds, Farms, Resorts, Work places, Garden, City Councils. These versitile carts come with a Stainless Cargo box. Clean and quiet, these carts won't disturb your guests or frighten your live-stock. Just plug them into a normal power poin..
Excl GST: $7,386.96
Express Works Electric Utility Vehicle with Gel batteries
These carts are extremely popular as Maintence vehicles as well as for use on lifestyle blocks  This a a low cost, low running expences, low maintenance, safe and clean addition for your business or lifestyle block. The 1200 x 1200 aluminum tilt tray is ideal for tools, posts, wire, feed out, garden refuse etc. This low speed vehicle is..
Excl GST: $9,300.00
Flatbed Electric Bus
A stylish, efficient, clean and safe addition to your business. These low cost, low maintenance carts are perfect for a number of varying operations. Whether it moving product around your site, collecting produce from your farm and moving a film crew, These are the best looking, best value carts on the market, Complete with warranties, support a..
Excl GST: $12,778.26
Flatbed Electric Vehicle with Gel batteries
A quiet, low cost, low maintainance, effective addition to your operations, whether it's industrial, agricultural, sales or the film industry. You will enjoy the added benefits and savings associated with these carts. Complete with warranties, support and great service. Experience for yourself why HDK continues to grow it's american market, year..
Excl GST: $9,000.00