About Us

New Zealand Golf Carts and Parts Ltd www.golfcartparts.co.nz is a family owned and operated business providing exceptional service and support for our clients.

We specialise in the following key areas

Our focus is provide the best service and support at the most affordable prices. We achieve these goals by maintaining a very lean structure and ensuring we access the best supply agreements. 

We are committed to building long-term mutually beneficial partnerships with our customers. always being aware and sensitive to their business and personal requirements.

Our industrial electric vehicle range includes specific models for passenger transport, site maintenance with utility decks and heavy load transport, helping industry  with OSH compliance and the ability to reduce our carbon footprint through the use of electric vehicles.

www.golfcartparts.co.nz has a good range of top brands at an affordable price to help golf clubs in New Zealand and around the South Pacific and New Zealand golfers keep their golf carts in top order, as our motto says" we help golfers drive further".